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Balsamic control er et tilskudsfoder til heste og har en opretholdende effekt på luftvejene. Balsamic control anvendes derfor til heste som er sensitive over for hø, støv, pollen eller heste med astma. Balsamic control tilføjes hestes daglige foder.

- Vælg mellem 1kg og 5kg

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- 1 måleske (ca. 15 g) 2 gange daglig (morgen og aften).

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Some horses are particularly sensitive to the quality of the air they breathe. The presence of dust, mould or pollen can cause recurrent respiratory disorders or discomfort when the horse begins working, creating additional nutritional requirements. Such disorders can pose a problem to both horses and riders.

BALSAMIC CONTROL is a complementary feed formulated by  AUDEVARD Laboratories. It has been designed to provide additional nutrition to meet the respiratory needs of horses that live in dusty environments (pollen, mould etc.) and young racehorses undergoing training.


This new formula, specially designed to manage respiratory conditions, contains a unique combination of four ingredients (nigella, lemon, eucalyptus and garlic) that have been carefully selected by our experts.

What users say...

Users like this plant-based formula because it does not contain any ingredients that could lead to a positive result during anti-doping tests, and because it is a practical, long-term option for horses that live in dusty environments (pollen, mould etc.).

Our advice

BALSAMIC CONTROL should be given for a period of 1/2 to 2 months, to be repeated as necessary. If required, BALSAMIC CONTROL can also be given to horses for as long as they are in a dusty environment.


1 kg box. Sufficient for up to 33 days' use.

5 kg tub. Sufficient for up to 167 days' use.

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